Fujikawa River / Total Length: 6 km


Throughout the year, according to the customer’s wish.
From October-April, only one tour per day starting at 10 am.


Anybody 8 years old and above can join. Participant’s must also sign a waiver to join the tours. Pregnant women, people who have been drinking alcohol or are sick are prohibited from participating.


Tour reservations will be allowed from single participants, however tours will only run if 2 or more participants are available. The maximum group size is set at 80 members.


JPY 7,800 (Taxes & fees included)
Inclusion: Equipment (life jacket, helmet, wet suit) / Rental / Guiding fee / Insurance fee


Swimwear / Towel / Clothes to change into / Shoes which are OK to get wet, or sandals with a heel strap (no high heels) / Plastic bag (to hold wet swimwear or wet shoes) / Band for eyeglasses or goggles if you wear contact lens.
Rental shoes are available (for 300 JPY), but please note that there is a limited number available.


Fujikawa River in Shibakawa


For Check-in: morning session 8:50(October-April 9:50) / afternoon session 13:20
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the tour starting time. Being late without notification and being more than 20 minutes late will be considered a cancellation.Traffic jams are expected on weekends during the summer, so please keep this in mind.


13:20 Check in
Explanation of precautions and sign waiver.
13:40 Change clothes
There is a dressing room available on site.
13:55 Head to the Start Point
14:00 Safety Check
Our guides will explain how to row the raft and all the safety tips you will need to know.
14:20 Rafting Time!
Head down the rapids of the Fujikawa River on a 6km course! You will also have a chance to swim and enjoy the river in other ways too.
16:20 Goal!
Return to base and change clothes. After the tour please enjoy chatting with guides, taking pictures, and having coffee or beer at the cafe’.

* Off-season (October-April)



Tours will be run even in the event of rain. However, some tours may be cancelled due to severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, flooding or thunderstorms.
We will make a decision at 7pm on the day prior to the tour reservation. We will contact the contact person listed on your reservation. In the event of cancellation, there are two options: reschedule the tour date or refund of your money.


If your reservation is cancelled for other reasons. We will charge a cancellation fee. If the cancellation is within a week of your reservation date but outside of 3 days before, then a 20% cancellation fee will be assessed. 2 days prior to the day before, then a 50% cancellation fee will be assessed. A cancellation on the day of the reservation requires a 100% cancellation fee.


Every tour will be guided by a well trained guide and we always put customer safety as our first priority. However, since this is a sport involving nature, there is always a risk that may go outside of the guide’s training or responsibility. All participants must use their best judgment and act accordingly to make everyone’s safety a priority. We ask that all participant’s sign a waiver in order to participate. Minors under the age of 20 are required to sign a guarantee of this promise. We reserve the right to refuse participation of people under the following circumstances

  1. Participants who do not sign the letter of acceptance
  2. Participants who are visibly drunk
  3. Pregnant women
  4. Participant who do not follow the guide’s instruction

In the event of this cancellation, no refund will be issued.

All of our guides meet industry standard certifications as a Swiftwater Rescue Technician as well as First Aid and CPR.


All of our tours are covered by accident insurance. Our insurance partner is Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance. All accidents will be covered up to 5,000,000 yen for death and disability, 5,000 yen per day to cover overnight hospitalization fees as well as 2,500 yen per day for hospital visits.


This is my first time, is it safe?

Yes it is very safe. An experienced and knowledgable guide will be with you at all times. Even beginners, women and children will be safe and well taken care of.

How many people can get in one boat?

One raft can hold up to 1 guide and 7 passengers. In the event your raft is not full, you may be asked to join another group in order to maximize capacity.

What happens if it rains? Will the tour be cancelled?

If it is only raining, the tour will not be cancelled. However, if there is a weather advisory or warning or if the weather is deemed too dangerous by our staff, then the tour will be cancelled and the registered contact person will be notified as soon as possible.

I can’t swim. Will I still be able to join in?

Yes, you will. Everybody has to wear a life jacket. So that should keep you safe along with our guides. Before the tour begins, our guides will teach you the safety guidelines as well. A good rule of thumb is to stay calm and don’t panic. As long as you do that and follow the guide’s instructions at all times there will be no danger of drowning.

Is it ok to wear a T-shirt over a bathing suit?

Yes, you can. But please avoid wearing cotton clothing or denim. The reason for this is these materials soak up a lot of water and are difficult to dry. This makes it hard to keep warm and can make you uncomfortable. Synthetic materials are highly recommended. The tour will last a few hours so please choose your clothing wisely.

I don’t own a bathing suit, is that ok?

Yes, you can still join the tour. We have several wetsuits you can rent free of charge. Please wear underwear under the wetsuit and bring extra clothes to change into afterwards.

What sort of shoes are recommended to bring on the tour?

The best shoes will have a covered heel or a band across the heel to keep your shoes on in the water. We will walk along the rocks so no beach sandals or raised heel shoes are allowed. Crocs are ok, but please make sure they fit your foot. Your shoes will definitely get wet, so please prepare yourself accordingly.

We must bring a bathing suit, a towel and shoes. Are there any other items we should bring?

We will supply everything else you will need for the tour. But please bring a plastic bag to keep your wet clothes in after the tour is finished. Lastly, this will be a memorable adventure, so please bring your daring spirit and follow your Natural Action!

Rafting half day tour

JPY 7,800
(Taxes & fees included)

Rafting half day tour + BBQ
(4 people or more)

JPY 9,800
(Taxes & fees included)


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