Promoting the creation of the bond between nature and human beings as well as increasing more and more people’s happiness through our service. Our goal is to establish a company to share the wonder of being, playing, feeling and enjoying nature through the Fuji River. Our staff lives and works around nature, for example professional snowboarders, fishermen and lovers of the Mt. Fuji area.


One day I want to do something like this around Mt. Fuji.
This was the beginning of my idea for Natural Action!

The societal trends of this world has been changing dramatically from globalization to localization and from materialism to naturalism. The new values of the 21st century has been shifting towards a new balance.

Our company has been watching this generation’s needs from the foot of Mt. Fuji. Through this observation, we formed a small company with a four pronged idea. The first section is our forestry service. Forestry is a very important industry that is the first line of defense for Mother Nature and her property. The second section is a sightseeing service focusing on outdoor tours. The third section offers a service for the fishing industry and private fisherman. Cherry shrimp are strictly controlled by the government here in Suruga Bay. The fourth section is our restaurant which serves organic vegetables and local fare. These four services are influenced by nature and follow her lead.

In the forestry division, we provide timber with a focus on a long term plan to take care of the environment as well as future generations. We also work diligently to recover forests that had been destroyed in the past. We want to inject life into the new forests, not just replant. Through our efforts in the forestry division, the environment has provided our area with fertile lands and ample rainfall which helps to provide the organic vegetables and local foods that we offer in our restaurant. This rainwater also runs into the Fuji River which allows us to do our various activities such as rafting, standup paddleboarding as well as many others. The water finally ends up in the Suruga Bay and brings many minerals with it from the forest to provide for the marine life in the ocean. The water has finished its job at this point and will continue its circle of life and will evaporate back into the clouds to start over again. From the forest to agriculture and from the river to the ocean, water plays a major role in each field from the beginning to the end.

This idea was the basis of our company policy. Our policy stresses the importance of the relationship between nature and mankind to make both forces fruitful and fertile. Our company’s philosophy is to promote the creation of the bond between nature and human beings as well as increasing more and more people’s happiness through our service. We constantly try to rediscover and remind the people in the area of the rich resources we have. We will also spread this idea to the world which will motivate people from other areas to come here and benefit our local community. We will keep exemplifying this new business model designed for the 21st century.

CEO, Fumihiro Sano

Born on April 13, 1972 in Shibakawa, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Utsubusa elementary school in Shibakawa
Shibawa Junion high school in Shibakawa
Nihon University Mishima High school
Shizuoka Prefectural Agriculture and Forestry Community College
Employment History
Rescue Instructor
Suwa Maru Shrimp boat captain
Public office


Mokusei Co.Ltd.

Natural Action Outdoor Tours
Established in July, 1998
Address 2193-8 Utsubusa, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture 419-0317
Contact Number 0544-65-1123
Fax 0544-65-1343
Mokusei CEO Hiroshi Sano
Natural Action Outdoor Tours CEO Fumihiro Sano

FORESTRY Department「Mokusei」

We have been in the forestry business working with cedar and cypress for 5 generations. Recently, we have been trying to reinvigorate the forest through various efforts in an area of 2,750 square meters.

OCEAN Department「Daini Suwa Maru」

Suruga Bay, where Mt. Fuji and the ocean meet, produces cherry shrimp. It is the only place in the world where you can find these unique organisms. As the captain of the Daini Suwa Maru, which is stationed in the port city of Yui, I have been engaged in the traditional fishermen ways of Shizuoka which has a history of over 100 years.

River Department「NATURAL ACTION Outdoor Tours」

We plan and run the outdoor sports programs such as rafting and mountain biking. We also hold seminars to protect ourselves, adjust our ability and make efforts to avoid the risks inherent with being out in nature.

Holistic Department「NATURAL ACTION General Store」

The symbol of our company is a log house which was built by wood we harvested in our forestry department. In the log cabin, we have a select shop that sells wood burning stoves and items that seek to create a balance between nature and human beings. “Things” are needed in our daily lives, but we only choose the ones that can be used for a lifetime. There is also a café so you can relax and enjoy the time you spend here.

Rafting half day tour

JPY 7,800
(Taxes & fees included)

Rafting half day tour + BBQ
(4 people or more)

JPY 9,800
(Taxes & fees included)


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